tim and maria are getting married!

Join us for a beautiful party in saguache, colorado!


Saturday, August 26th 2023

Party starts at 5:00 PM


The Garcia Residence

630 Denver Ave, Saguache, Colorado

The Bride

This live wire lives life in bold italics, hustling like a boss, partying like a rock star, and loving like there’s no tomorrow!

The Groom

Just a wild and crazy guy with a heart of gold

Our Story

Hailing from strong, affectionate families, we are both the resilient offspring of tireless single mothers. Our lives weren’t served to us on a silver platter; we’ve known struggle, but we’ve also learned that the truly valuable things in life never come without some elbow grease.

¬†Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Colorado, we’ve made family our compass, our sanctuary, our ultimate haven. Think of us as a real-life Brady Bunch – just with an extra dash of fur and tail wags! And let’s not forget the symphony of our lives – music, our shared passion that sways our souls and strikes a chord in our hearts.¬†

Through perseverance and a solid dose of hard work, we’ve managed to carve out an extraordinary life not just for ourselves, but for our nearest and dearest. This wonderful tapestry of life we’ve woven is our labor of love – our testament to the power of family, resilience, a love for music, and a dash of pet hair!

Introducing Our Lifelong Support System

We are so grateful every day for the love and support from our family. We couldn’t have a celebration without getting them involved!

The Bridesmaids

Cas Owlchild

A fiercely independent and astutely intellectual artist, poised on the cusp of life’s canvas, ready to make her indelible mark on the world.

Faith Lopez

A strikingly beautiful young woman, juggles her college academia with effortless intellect and a dash of sass, keeping everyone on their toes while she pursues her dream.

Isabella lopez

A dynamic, young dancer combining her athletic prowess with a sharp mind, already dancing her way towards becoming a trailblazing boss lady with the world in her palm.

The Groomsmen

Spencer Taylor

Carrying the torch of his father’s legacy in the hospitality industry, Spencer is a blend of sarcastic wit, playful spirit, unyielding work ethic, and dedication to both loyalty and the fine art of chilling out.

Joaquin Lopez

A handsome gentle giant and secret animal whisperer, who, with his shy charm and passion for computing, navigates the world with a heart as kind as it is large.

Manuel Lopez

A wild and resilient spirit who loves to hunt, formerly an Airborne Ranger and currently spearheading his own stone working business, whose strength and loyalty in life are rivaled only by his enduring devotion to the ladies in his life, especially his beautiful mother.

Saguache, colorado

Saguache, Colorado, the heart of the San Luis Valley, presents a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for our wedding.

 Nestled amid pristine natural landscapes and awe-inspiring mountain vistas, this quaint gem is an adventure lover’s dream come true, boasting not only rich history and a welcoming community but also amazing hot springs, perfect for a relaxing pre-wedding dip or a serene post-celebration unwind. 

Being one of the oldest towns in Colorado, Saguache boasts a rich history and an invitingly warm community, creating an idyllic setting for our loved ones to gather and celebrate. 

Our wedding in Saguache is not just an event, but an experience – a joyous fusion of love, heritage, and nature’s grandeur.

Join us in the beautiful town of Saguache (we like to say Sa-Gooch) for an unforgettable celebration of love, friendship. and family.